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14th Global Film Festival

02 - 04 December 2021

India And Burkina Faso Will Promote Culture Together

H.E. Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo Ambassador of Burkina Faso to India With Marwah

Noida Film City: “My countrymen have learned Hindi only by seeing Indian films, your films have impressed people of Burkina Faso” said H.E. Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo Ambassador of Burkina Faso to India on his visit to ICMEI international head Quarters in Noida.

International Chamber of Media And Entertainment has created a separate committee for the development and promotion of films, television, media and other segments of entertainment on Burkina Faso. “I am ready to give every help needed to promote the relations and trade between two countries” said H.E. Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo.

“We invite a young director from Burkina Faso to come and shoot in India and can declare the first joint venture ever between the two countries” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI. “Marwah Studio has already send its consent as part of Indian investment,” added Marwah.

A festival of Burkina Faso films has been designed and Ambassador has agreed to inaugurate the same in the coming months informed Ashok Tyagi Secretary General of ICMEI.

Sandeep Marwah Honored by Research Foundation International

Sandeep Marwah Honored With Fellowship of Research Foundation International

Noida Film City: Research Foundation International a recognized autonomous institute affiliated & associated with UNO-United Nation Organization, UNESCO- United Nation Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization, UNISEF-United Nations Children’s Fund, WROR- and with various universities, national and international repute NGO honored Sandeep Marwah on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The president and associates feel honored to confer institute’s international fellowship to His Excellency Sandeep Marwah for his outstanding contribution in the field of World Peace, Universal Brotherhood, Environment Protection, Tourism, Promotion of Films & Media, upliftment of Roma- The People of Indian Origin living in various countries. Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi Chairperson of the foundation handed over the honor to Marwah.

“Sandeep Marwah’s contribution towards the cause of United Nation is worth praising” said Kiran Mehra Kerpelman Director UNIC for India and Bhutan. “Marwah has brought the name of Noida to international level, he is the crown of Noida” added Vimla Batham Member Legislative Assembly UP from Noida. “Sandeep deserves highest civilian honor,” said Dr. Yogendra Narain former Secretary General Rajya Sabha.

World Environment Day Celebrated by ICMEI at Marwah StudioWorld Environment Day Celebrated by ICMEI at Marwah Studio

World Environment Day Celebrated by ICMEI at Marwah Studio

Noida Film City: “World Environment Day is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries” said Vimla Batham Member of Legislatively Assembly of UP from Noida inaugurating the session.

“ It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI and Ambassador of IHRO affiliated to United Nations at a grand function at Marwah Studio celebrating World Environment Day..

“This year theme is ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.’ The well being of humanity, the environment, and the functioning of the economy, ultimately depend upon the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources,” said Dr. K.D.Gupta Environmentalist and Chairman Climate and Environment Committee of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

“Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference,” message read by Kiran Mehra Kerpelman Director of United Nation Information Centre for India & Bhutan send by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

The evidence is building that people are consuming far more natural resources than what the planet can sustainably provide, we have to be cautious in our thinking,” added Dr. Yogendra Narain former Secretary General Rajya Sabha and Chairperson of Planning Commission of ICMEI.

Ashok Tyagi Secretary General ICMEI, Dr Sham Singh Shashi Chancellor Roma International Cultural University, Dr Sudha Tyagi of Roma University, Dr. Gyanedra Pandey of Rajya Sabha Television and Dr. Hari Singh Pal of All India Radio also spoke on the occasion.

Exhibition of Sculptures by Kusum Jain at AAFT

Exhibition of Sculptures at AAFT

Noida Film City: “What a pleasure to see women in different poses and emotions in sculptures made out of acrylic, bronze and stone. They are speaking more than the words and throwing new energy into this exhibition hall” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio while inaugurating the exhibition on the occasion of 86th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films.

“I have been in this art for now many years. This time my concept is women- women can play all the roles in life and that’s what I have projected here in the exhibition” said Kusum Jain renowned artist making Sculptures.

The large number of film, television and media persons from all over India attended the exhibition. Asian Academy of Film And Television taken this exhibition as part of the curriculum for the film students who all were there in large number informed dean.

Sandeep Marwah honored Kusum Jain with the life membership of International Film And Television Club of AAFT. Kusum Jain presented a beautiful piece of her art to the Academy.

Two Days Workshop On Art of Living at Marwah Studios

Art of Living Workshop at Marwah Studio

Noida Film City: “Love Peace And Unity is the motive of our mission. We want to create some wonderful film makers but they have to be good human being before that,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio at a faculty meet at Noida Film City.

Two days workshop has been planned at Asian Education Group by Art of Living to give students a sense of belonging. “it is very important to have a cool mind to be innovative and creative” added Dr A.K.Srivastava Director Asian School of Media Studies before starting the workshop.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has founded courses that provide techniques and tools to live a deeper, more joyous life. He has established nonprofit organizations that recognize a common human identity above the boundaries of race, nationality and religion. His goal is to uplift people around the globe, to reduce stress, and to develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities informed Sameer Jolly the senior teacher from the Ashram.

Savita Sharma of Sri Sri Vidya Sansthan accompanied Sameer Jolly from Noida Centre.” We invite spiritual person Sandeep Marwah to be on the board of Sri Sri Vdya Sansthan” said Savita Sharma.

ICMEI Invited Pakistani Musical Group Inteha at Film City

ICMEI Invited Pakistani Musical Group Inteha at Film City

Noida Film City: Asian Academy of Arts in association with International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry invited Inteha-A Pakistani musical group to perform at Marwah Studios.

Nausher Javed and Naukhez Javed from Lahore brought the strings of love from Pakistan. Asian School of Media Studies supported the band during an electrifying performance by them with the charged audience of media persons.

“We are trying to built better relations with Pakistan through art and culture. We must learn how to appreciate each others,” said Sandeep Marwah President of AAFT and ICMEI.

“we are here to participate in this musical concert to tell people that we are with you. We have to think emotionally and get attached to each other” said Saima Sayed First Secretary Pakistan High Commission in India. “Our Ambassador H.E. Abdul Basit has sent his special thanks and best wishes for ICMEI and Sandeep Marwah for taking our relationship to next level” she added.

Manzoor Memon Press Atache, Pakistan High Commission, Dr. Nikelesh Pratap Singh of Crown Communication, Rajiv Sharma IPS Dy Inspector General of Police, Lipika Sud Director NFTC were also present there. Later Sandeep Marwah honored Saima Syed and Manzoor Memon with the life membership of International Film And Television Club of AAFT.

ASMS Projected Showcase 2015 For Two Days at Marwah Studio

SHOWCASE 2015 by ASMS Inaugurated

Noida Film City: All the departments of Asian School of Media Studies including Cinema, Mass Communication, Fashion & Interior Designing, Multi Media & Animation and Advertising & PR were busy in projecting their best of programs prepared during the year at the newly constituted SHOWCASE 2015 at Marwah Studio.

The Head of Departments and Deans were leading their teams with their most talented students who all were performing and marketing their talent in music, art, culture, drama, painting, film making, documentaries, Singing and also over all progress in the studies.

Neha Saluja, Vikas Singh, Bishwajeet Dass, Piyush Dutta and Neelam Srivastava read the reports of their departments. Two day program was attended by many friends, parents, associates, regular and guest faculties. The event was closed with an award function.

“I am lucky to be part of this closing event of the media school, I have learned about all its activities. I have enjoyed the program and carrying some wonderful memories for all time to come” said H.E. Ahmed Mohamed High Commissioner of Maldives in India who was accompanied by his wife and children. Third Secretary was also part of the program.

“I am keen in making a cultural group from Asian School of Media Studies consisting of singers, dancers, presenters, mimicry and others on a professional level as you students deserve a lot” added Aroon Bakshi renowned singer and actor present on the occasion.

Dr. A.K. Srivastava paid vote of thanks and invited H.E. Ahmed Mohamed, Aroon Bakshi, Ashok Tyagi, Vipin Gaur and Sandeep Marwah to distribute the awards and trophies to the winning students.

Sandeep Marwah Inaugurated Photography Exhibition of Aman Chotani

Sandeep Inaugurated Exhibition of Aman Chotani

New Delhi: “These are very emotional moments when your student is marching towards success. I am feeling proud today seeing his works of photography being appreciated so well professionally,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios inaugurating the exhibition of Aman Chotani at Open Palm Court at India Habitat Centre.

Aman Chotani is the student of Cinema from Asian School of Media Studies, Noida and has picked up Still Photography as his profession. Large number of full size pictures was displayed under the banner ‘Portraits Talk’.

“My education has helped me in deciding my carrier, I am putting my best to give best to my society through photographs” said Aman Chotani.

The exhibition is Presented by Gorilla Creative Arts and supported by Delhi Photography Club. All exhibited photos are fine art print and are for sale.

Renowned photographer Ravi Dhingra, Ajay Sood, Ratan Kaul of Indian Council for World Relations, Pankaj Gupta from Milan were also present there.

Times Education Boutique Inaugurated With Pomp And Show

Times Education Boutique Fair Inaugurated

New Delhi: “Success is not the destination but it is a journey, you have to enjoy at every step. The strong determination can take you to your goals. Save yourself from the company of all those who have excuses all the time” motivated Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio while talking to the young aspirants at the grand inauguration of Times Education Boutique at Pragati Maidan.

“I have gone through the hardships of life, even without large resources we have come up to the expectation of the country men. Today you have all the resources use them to educate yourself. Opt for those courses where your heart is” added Kiran Bedi IPS and renowned politician and social worker.

“77 Colleges are part of Delhi University and 1.5 Lac students are enrolled in 75 courses .We are there to serve you in every aspect. Needless to say that Sandeep Marwah is also the alumnus of Delhi University” said Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja Deputy Dean Students Welfare of DU.

“The country can only progress fast when we have educated and trained man power and we will be able to work in new and innovative ideas. We have to promote entrepreneurship in India” concluded Madan Mohan Mittal Minister for Industries and Commerce at Punjab. The education fair will remain open till 31st May.

Exhibition by Young Artists Impressed Film Makers at AAFT

Exhibition of Young Artist at AAFT

Noida Film City: “The paintings are the real expression of your inner feelings and thinking blended with colors on canvas. This is one of the finest arts human being has discovered. Films are the extension of all these arts” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studio at the inauguration of painting exhibition at 86th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films at Asian Academy of Arts.

“India has accepted all that what the invaders had brought from their culture to us. That is the reason that Indian art is grand and boundaries are much broader. It is reflected even with the young generation,” added Satish Anand Dean Acting at AAFT.

“Every painting exhibition is like a workshop in the campus. Every one should take full advantage of these investment in time, labor and resources,” said Dean AAFT.

The festival began with the opening of the exhibition of paintings by Divya Sharma, A.Vallabai, Rupender Kaur, Lakshya Deora, Vipin Sharma and Sculpture by Kusum Jain. Marwah honored the entire artist with the life membership of International Film And Television Club of AAFT. Dr. A.K.Srivastava Director General ASMS paid vote of thanks.

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