Mickey Mehta Talked About Health at New Session of AAFT

Noida: Health is Wealth. Take care of your body, it is the only home where you have to live throughout your life. You are what you eat and what you think. When wealth is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost something is lost, when character is lost all is lost,” said Dr. Sandeep […]
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113th Batch of AAFT Inaugurated with Pomp and Show

Noida: “We are breaking our own record Today. AAFT is the only creative institute which has touched 113th batch of training. I am sure this is going to be another lucky batch which will touch the heights of success. AAFT has become international brand and people of the creative industry do recognize education at AAFT,” said […]
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Convocation of Students of 112th Batch of AAFT

Noida: The only way our country can grow and progress when we all start giving importance to education and educated people. The level of thinking will change. The pattern of working will enhance. The productivity will go up and then there is no looking back,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Asian Academy of Film […]
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