Biography on Sandeep Marwah Released During 11th Global Festival of Journalism

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Noida: Sandeep Marwah is a renowned Indian film producer, director, and media personality. He is the founder of the Noida Film City, the fastest growing film and television production center, and the Marwah Studios, a leading creative house in India.

Marwah began his career as a theatre artist and went on to produce  over ,3500 short films. He has been associated with several feature films and television programs. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards for his contribution to the film industry.

Apart from his work in the entertainment industry, Marwah is also actively involved in social causes and has been appointed as the Global Cultural Ambassador by many different nations. He has also been recognized for his contribution to the field of education and was conferred with the honorary doctorate by several universities.

Marwah’s life and achievements have been documented in various biographical works, including the recently released biography titled “Sandeep Marwah: Ek Prerna,” which provides an in-depth insight into his journey in the film industry and his contribution to society written by Mamta Soni.

Lord Rami Ranger, Member of House of Lords, United Kingdom, HE Ashraf Shikhaliyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to India, and HE Muhamed Cengic, Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina released the book during second day of 11th Global Festival of Journalism 2023 at Marwah Studios.

Ramnath Rajesh, Sr. Journalist,  Prem Bhardwaj, “Gyanbhiksu”, Renowned Author, Avinash Raj, CEO, Mitwa TV,  Kumar Mohan, Renowned Film Journalist, Saeed Ansari, Editor & Anchor, Aaj Tak,  Sushil Bharti of Radio Noida and MSTV and large number of media and social personalities were present on the occasion.

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