Global Film Festival 2007

Preparation of Results of the festival by

Festival Director- Mr Sandeep Marwah
Jury members-:
Satish garg, TV Producer director
P.C Sareen, MD,BKP Media Vision
Satish kapoor, Director , Brotherhood



Screening of Films for Final Results by the jury:

From Left:
Satish Kapoor-Director,Brotherhood
P.C Sareen- M.D, BKP Media Vision
Satish Garg- TV Producer /Director
Sachin Bharti- Mass communication Expert
Rahul Sahgal- Film Critic



Handing Over the Final Result To the Festival Director Sandeep Marwah.

From Left:
P.C.Sareen- M.D,BKP Media Vision
Satish Garg- TV Producer/Director
Satish Kapoor- Director, Brotherhood
Sachin Bharti-Mass communication expert
Rahul Sahgal-Film Critic


Talk on Global Festival of Films on Peace & Spirituality

AAFT & Universal Peace Federation organized a session for peace talk at Marwah studios complex. The session which included Dr.Robert Kittel, Director India, UPF, Ursula Mclackland, Sectretary general, South Asia, UPF, Mr. E. Rajan, Former Ambassador of India, Mrs. Rajan renowned social worker,  Ass.Dean AAFT and Mr. Sandeep Marwah expressed their views to the large audience of AAFT & ASMS. Describing this Festival as a golden opportunity E Rajan invited Film makers of the world to participate in this Festival. Dr. Robert Kittel brought UpTV as one of the sponsors for spreading the message of peace and spirituality.


AAFT & UPF on a Mission

In a Propitious event at AAFT Mr. & Mrs .Kim Incharge for Southeast Asia, Universal Peace Federation , Dr.Robert Kittel, E. Rajan, Former Ambassador of India and Mr. Sandeep Marwah Director, ASMS & AAFT handed over the responsibility of Peace on the shoulders of the Young generation by making all the students of AAFT & ASMS the Youth Ambassadors of Peace. Mr. Kim believed that the message of peace can be well spread by the new generation; they have their own meaning and means of communicating.
Finding the occasion to be the right one Mr. Sandeep Marwah announced Global festival of Films on peace & Spirituality by explaining to all that by the way of the most famous means of communication ‘Films’ , the young film makers can spread the message globally. This Idea of Festival was taken in full spirits by the members of UPF present on the occasion.


Global Opening of a Global Event

Global Festival of Films on Peace and Spirituality finally came into light. The Curtain raising ceremony of the Global event experienced a serene afternoon, reminding Indians of their own culture were the two Americans coming from Japan for the concert In AAFT and scheduled towards Europe… The couple Manuel and Bernice Roberto being great musicians, and extremely inspired by the Indian Culture and mythology… were seen deeply devoted to Lords Ram and Krishan… Chanting Sanskrit shlokas and Hindi bhajans, the couple made the atmosphere devout and pious. Spreading the message of peace through bhakti,they motivated the audience which included Top media personalities and ambassadors of peace and a large audience comprising of media students from different schools.
The one hour divine concert was not only a curtain raiser of the Global Festival of Films on Peace & Spirituality but also it opened eyes on the true meaning of spirituality. Both the guests were enchanted to see the effect of the bhajans on the students. Mr. Sandeep Marwah describing the event as truly Global said that it was beyond doubt an auspicious way to start an event.

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