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Marwah Studio Venue For 8th Global Film Festival Noida 2015

New Delhi: One of the most important destination of cinema, television and media Popularly known as An Island of Excellence- Marwah Studio has been again selected as the venue for the forth coming 8th Global Film Festival Noida 2015 informed Sandeep Marwah President of the festival.

“Marwah Studio is well equipped with all the facilities as desired by the international cinema festival grounds around the World”, said Viney Sabikhi the General Manager of studio.

Some of the most important festivals like Global Festival of Journalism, Global Literary Festival, International Festival of Cellphone Cinema, International Sufi Festival are decorated here at Marwah Studio.

Marwah Studio is one of the sixteen studios running in the 100 acres of film city of Noida and approximately 17000 media professionals are working in and around Noida.

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