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Participation of International Bodies at 8th Global Film Festival

New Delhi: Global Film Festival Noida 2015 has started attracting many international organizations to its bouquet. More than 100 countries have shown their interest in the festival to be held from 17th to 19th November.

Indo Bulgarian Film And Cultural Forum, Indo Nigerian Film Association, Indo Senegal Film And Cultural Association, Indo Wales Creative Forum, Indo South African Cultural Forum, Indo Polish Film Association, Indo Egypt Cultural Association, Indo Hungarian Film Association and Indo Peruvian Film And Cultural Forum have already send their consent of participation to 8th Global Film Festival Noida.

“We are very happy to join hands with so many different international organizations as part of our festival. We are also expecting large international film, television and media persons as part of the show” said Sandeep Marwah President of 8th GFFN.

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