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14th Global Film Festival

02 - 04 December 2021

ASC Films

Name of Film Director Duration  
Lead Me To Paradise Samaksh Saxena 12:31 Minutes
Super Boy Ronnie Robinson 10:00 Minutes
The Phone Call Koninica Dasgupta 12:36 Minutes
Love Chemistry Prabhjot Kaur 3:58 Minutes
Hello Krishan Kumar Tiwari 3:54 Minutes
Khel Gaddha Gaddha Ravinder Nath Sondhi 3:49 Minutes
Wish For A Perfect Day Richa Sharma 3:15 Minutes
Fiction Roshan Lama 3:50 Minutes
Tension Siddhanth Nayar 3:27 Minutes
The Gilded Cage Aniket Dabas 7:33 Minutes
Girlfriend Manish Pandey 7:57 Minutes
That Girl At The Bus Stop Pritha Dalal 7:06 Minutes
Once Siddharth Dutta 4:55 Minutes
The Ecstasy,The Agony,The Journey Ravinder Nath Sondhi 15:33 Minutes
Sharma Vs Sharma Aniket Dabas 16:21 Minutes
Love Knows No Boundaries Ravinder Nath Sondhi 35 Minutes
Stench of Kerosene Pritha Dalal 21 Minutes
Nandu Navdeep Dahiya 20 Minutes
Being Mortal Existence Ishana Raj 5:32 Minutes
Through The Night Mukesh Jaiswal 4:50 Minutes
Monkey Business Ramdev Khandelwal 4:04 Minutes
Distant Bliss Kunal Kohli 2:52 Minutes
Reminiscence Kiron Shrestha 3:30 Minutes
If Only Mustafa Akbar 3:50 Minutes
Soo Much for Nothing Sankalp Parekh 5:50 Minutes.
Vidya Supratim Nayaban 5:30 Minutes
The Last Call at Midnight Bhavneet Sirohi 5:30 Minutes
A Long Drive Sadruddin Khan 5:00 Minutes
Saptahik Bazaar Kiron Shrestha 9:23 Minutes
Paying Guest Yogeshwar Pratap Singh 5:50 Minutes.
Izteraab Sadruddin Khan 8:00 Minutes
Agency Mustafa Akbar 14:43 Minutes
Lost’ The Making Sankalp Parekh 12:25 Minutes
Lost’ The Making Bhavneet Sirohi 9:23 Minutes
Lost Mukesh Jaiswal 81 Minutes
Swana Prabhjot Kaur 20 Minutes
Departure Pamela Slass 6:05 Minutes
Jackassed Subhasish Das 5:30 Minutes
High And Dry Barun Goswami 5:10 Minutes
The Bunked Class Himanshu Mutreja 6:41 Minutes
All is well Chitgunn Singh 5:13 Minutes
Moron Avneesh Singh Jaswal 5:40 Minutes
Connected & Lost Sunanda Khanna 6:08 Minutes
The Messenger Ayan Khan Chaudhry 4:31 Minutes
The Tourist Ronnie Robbinson 5:51 Minutes
Dark Sunglasses Shubhashish Das 13:29 Minutes
The Cocktail Kunal Goel 13:49 Minutes
Unaccounted For Jerry Douglas 16:21 Minutes
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