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14th Global Film Festival

02 - 04 December 2021


Addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & Television during a brief interval in the shooting engagement at Marwah Studios, film city, the rising star of Indian films Fardeen Khan, said that an actor is great because of his individuality and talent. He further added that the actor has to combine his talent with the techniques of commanding the voice and speech, using the body language and how to think about bringing these things together. He said that good performance is indeed the result of hardwork for acquiring and developing acting skills through systematic training and that almost all modern day actors are trained. Students were mesmerised and greatly impressed by his charming personality and they gave him a big hand when replaying to the question as to what he values most in life, Fardeen Khan remarked “Love”.


Bollywood actress Tabu was sometime back invited by Sandeep Marwah, Director, Asian Academy of Films & Television, to have a look at the training course being conducted by this institute. The beautiful actress took special interest in the training of actors and made valuable suggestions in this regard. She was pleased to learn that due emphasis is being laid on the development of skills in voice, speech and language during the training of the actors. She was greatly impressed by the training facilities available at the
Sandeep Marwah & Tabu
institute and hoped that it will continue to attract overseas students in ever increasing number. The talented actress told Sandeep Marwah that she is always willing to accept any acting role-be it big or small and take it seriously. Tabu promised to continue to extend her patronage to Asian Academy of Film & Television.


The renowned film producer and director Ram Gopal Verma who is known for his successful Hindi movies”Rangeela” and “Jungle” was recently invited by Prof. Sandeep Marwah to visit Asian Academy of Film & Television. Speaking to the students of the academy on this occasion, the techniques should be harnessed for generating images and sound through which the filmmaker intends to touch the heart and move the soul of the viewers. But the tools and the techniques must not affect the artistic expression of the creative mind. He advised the would be filmmakers to keep experimenting with the style of story telling with images and sound as this is the only way to sustain film making.


The Renowned actor Faroukh Sheikh who is playing the lead role in NDTV’s Hindi Version of BBC’s popular serial “Yes Minister” was in Marwah Studios, Noida, for the recordings. The talented actor agreed to find time form his busy recording schedule to answer the questions from the students of Asian Academy of Film & Television located within Marwah Studios Complex. Farukh Sheikh told the students that at the core of acting talent is the ability to see and understand people from their point of view.
Faroukh Sheikh
He stated that actor has to enter into another’s personality and imaginatively recreate his feelings, wants and experiences in order to bring that character to life. He further added that acting talent can be expressed only acquiring technique and learning the acting skills. Faroukh Sheikh strongly advocated systematic training for learning the art of acting.


National Capital Delhi’s Society – All India Achiever’s Conference has selected Prof. Sandeep Marwah, Director, Asian Academy of Film & Television for Rashtriya Siromani Award – 2000 for outstanding achievement in the field of media education and training. Other eminent men and women who have also been selected for this prestigious award
Sandeep Marwah & Deputy Chief Minister of Maharastra Gopi Nath Munde, former Supercop KPS Gill, fashion designer Ritu Beri and Gazal Singer Peenaz Masani
include Deputy Chief Minister of Maharastra Gopi Nath Munde, former Supercop KPS Gill, fashion designer Ritu Beri and Gazal Singer Peenaz Masani. As is well known Rashtriya Shiromani Awards are presented to eminent men and women for their great and significant achievement in their respect fields and for emerging as role model worthy of emulation by others. These awards were presented on the last 24th August when a national seminar on Challenges in the new Millennium – The Achievers Perspective, was also organised.


Addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV, the noted film & television producer Gurbir Grewal said that beside possessing technical competence, the film & television professional should be a good human being. He added that life is too short for properly understanding the finer aspects of film & television production and the professional must never stop learning to express himself better. Pointing out the richness of the Indian culture, he adviced the students to further enrich it by studying other cultures. Gurbir Grewal advised them strive to make responsive and responcible television programmes and films. Earlier welcoming the guests, the Director Prof. Sandeep Marwah informed them about the activities and the achievements of the institute. Speaking on the occasion, tv producer Pooran Chand Sarin said one has to read extensively and keep one’s eyes and ears open for arriving at a worthwhile idea for a film or tv presentation.Pointing out that tv is a technology intensive medium, he said that the tv professional has to understand the potential of the production tools for their effective and creative use. Pooran Chand Sarin ended his address by advising the students to develop healthy attitude towards their work and to be honest and truthful in their dealings for succeeding in the profession. Sharing his thoughts with the freshers the thinking super-cop Piyush Srivastava urged them to have full faith and confidence in the trainers for properly acquiring the requisite knowledge and skills for their creative work. Audio Cassette of “Sampurna Ramayana” recorded by Mahendra Pal under the direction of Prof. Sandeep Marwah, was also formally released by Gurbir Grewal.


Renowned Austrian film maker Ferry Radax recently participated in one day workshop at Asian Academy of Film & Television. Ferry Radax is famous for his high grade documnetary and experimental films. He has served as a Jury in a number of international film festivals. Answoring questions put by the students during the screening of his films, he very ably explained the grammar of films.Latter talking to the Director of the institute prof. Sandeep Marwah, he expressed his satisfaction over the active participation of the Indian and foregin students in the workshop.
Sandeep Marwah & Renowned Austrian film maker Ferry Radax
He requested Prof. Sandeep Marwah to encourage and support the talented students in their work. Indian documentary film making in indeed the first step in this powerful medium of mass communication. He urged the students to join him in the work of documnetary film making. Saraswati Rao told the students that beside possessing the talent and knowing the techniques, the film maker has to have passion for entertainment and informing the masses. She underlined need of systematic training before embarking on the work of making films.Ferry Radax accepted the membership of the Advisory Council of Asian Academy of Film & Television.


Bollywood’s WICA ( western india cinematographers association) has finally put its seal of approval on AAFT’s Camera & Lighting Techniques course and has agreed to open its much sought after membership to AAFT alumni. This decision was recently conveyed by the Association’s Secretary and renowned cinematographer Adeep Tandon. Expressing his happiness over this decision, Prof Sandeep Marwah said that several Indian cinematographer’s work has been acclaimed worldwide and hoped that AAFT trained cameraperson too will do the academy proud by their work. Addressing the students Adeep Tandon said films are an amalgamation of many art forms and filmmaking is indeed one of the most beautiful professions. Every film is a work of art and there are only good films and bad films, he added. Describing cinematography as a synthesis of technical skill and creative sensibility he said that he is of the view that the process of capturing a vision on celluloid should not dominate the film. Pointing out that hard-work and perseverance are keys to success in all walks of life including filmmaking, Adeep Tandon advised the students to try and make their work memorable.


The British High Commission in India had facilitated the visit of the director Asian Academy of Film & TV (AAFT) to the govt. of UK supported National Film & Television School (NFTS), Beaconsfield in London, in June last. Mr. Roger Crittenden, director NFTS had detailed discussion with Prof. Sandeep Marwah, director Asian Academy of Film & TV on training of the filmmaker of the new millennium. Mr. Crittenden mentioned during the meeting that the students of the film school should have access to the tools which will provide them with the necessary expertise to enter the film and television industries with confidence. He concurred with Prof. Sandeep Marwah that the students gain key skills mainly through making film and they should be given freedom by the school to make their products extraordinary. The two directors agreed to explore the possibility of exchanging their training material, faculty and students form time to time. The NFTS is a life member of the prestigious Noida Film City based International Film & Television Research Centre. During his historic visit to the National Film & Television School, Prof. Sandeep Marwah formally conferred the life membership of the International Film & Television Club to Mr. Reoger Crittenden in recognition of his outstanding contribution to media education.

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