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13th Global Film Festival

26- 28 November 2020


During his recent study tour of the UK and the USA, director of Asian Academy of Film & TV (AAFT), Prof. Sandeep Marwah visited the world renowned London Film School (LFS) and exchanged views on film and television education with the director of LFS, Mr. Ben Gibson. The two film educators discussed how filmmaking’s creative challenges can be taught in conventional ways in the film school. The director of LFS was of the opinion that the students must work to an industry model that replicate professional working practices as realistically as possible. Mr. Ben Gibson accepted the proposal made by Prof. Sandeep Marwah to consider the possibility of exchanging training material, faculty and students of the two film schools from time to time. They also agreed to exchange the films produced by the students of their respective schools too. LFS is a life member of the Noida Film City based International Film & Television Research Centre. Life Membership of the International Film & Television Club has also been granted to Mr. Ben Gibson in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the film education and training in the United Kingdom


Director Asian Academy of Film & TV, Prof. Sandeep Marwah visited a number of film schools during his recent trip to the east coast of the USA. He also had detailed discussion with the director of New York Film Academy Prof. Jerry Sherlock, on matters relating to the training of film and television professionals. Prof. Sherlock concurred with Prof. Marwah that knowledge and acquisition of skills for screen presentation are a pre-requisite for shooting, directing and editing one’s own films as well as for facing the camera. He mentioned during the meeting that the training of the directors must include a component on the craft of film acting. Prof. Jerry Sherlock agreed with Prof. Sandeep Marwah that serious students of film must opt for long duration courses.


In a thought provoking address the head of Gautam Budh Nagar Mr. L. Venkateswar Lu urged the youngsters to be good and do good to others. He was speaking to the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV after the release of Brigadier Laxman Singh’s book “Letters from the Border and Other Less Told Stories” – coinciding with the culmination of the Sino Indian Conflict on the 20th October 1962. Mr. Venkateswar Lu advised the students to gauge their strength and weakness for setting the goal in life. District Police Chief DK Goswami said that it is necessary to put in hard work to realise one’s cherished dreams. Brigadier Laxman Singh has very lucidly narrated his actions and emotions experienced during the fateful forty-three day period of the 1962 war fought in the NEFA region during which the commander and other senior officer of his regiment were taken as prisoner by the Chinese.


The actor in the lead role Thampi Antony‚ director of Photography Keith Gruchala and executive producer Bobby Nair of Rajiv Anchal’s feature film “Beyond the Soul” screened at the 34th International Film Festival held at New Delhi were invited by Prof. Sandeep Marwah to interact with the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV. This path-breaking feature film is about a doctor’s perilous journey in search of a remedy for the uncommon disease one of his patients. Rajiv Anchal’s films invariably carry a powerful albeit controversial and thought provoking message. One of his feature film Guru (1997) was India’s official Academy Award entry for the best foreign language film. Answering questions from the students Keith Gruchala made interesting comparison between the style of working in the Indian and American film industries. Confining himself to the art of acting‚ Mr. Thampi Antony said that he considers stage as the nursery of film stars and television actors. He advised the actors in making to be natural and to portray the character with utmost sincerity to make the same truly believable on the screen. Speaking about his experience of working with an news channel‚ Mr. Bobby Nair said that Indian television channels have great potential for going global. Conceding that television is a technology intensive medium‚ he said that it is necessary for TV professionals to know about the technology as well as make judicious use of it in their work.


The great Indian film producer Boney Kapoor stated that thanks to the large scale emergence of multiplexes‚ close to one hundred satellite television channels operating round the clock and vast reach of the national broadcaster Doordarshan‚ presently this is the golden era of the film and television industries. He was delivering the valedictory to the students of the fortieth session of the Asian Academy of Film & TV. Honesty‚ sincerity of purpose‚ hard work‚ perseverance and enthusiasm are the keys to
Sandeep Marwah & Boney Kapoor
success in any human endeavour including the show business‚ he added. Prof. Sandeep Marwah mentioned that the simultaneous launching of four feature films by Boney Kapoor is like a ray of hope in an environment of gloom encircling the industry due to unprecedented large scale failure of feature films in the past two years. Boney Kapoor is undoubtedly synonymous with the film-industry‚ he added. Reciting excerpts from a poem of the Hindi Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant‚ the renowned Kathak exponent Shovana Narayana emphasised that determined efforts are important to achieving anything worthwhile. She was of the view that it is necessary for an achiever to a dreamer first. Speaking on this occasion the well known exponent of Hindustani music Jawahar Wattal said that the successful functioning of the academy far away from the hub of entertainment industry Mumbai‚ is indeed remarkable.


Hollywood based film producer – director of Indian origin Rajiv Anchal said that light is indeed the medium of the films. He was addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV after formally inaugurating the new session of the Academy. The talented filmmaker was only pointing out to the students the power of films to effectively enlighten the viewers. One of his earlier feature film Guru had almost reached the final stage of the competition for the coveted OSCAR award. Rajiv Anchal normally picks up a subject relating to spiritualism for his films.
Sandeep Marwah & Hollywood based film producer – director of Indian origin Rajiv Anchal
He was in Delhi in connection with the screening of the feature film ‘Beyond the Soul’ produced by him in Hollywood with the American cast and the crew‚ at the 34th International Film Festival. Director of the academy Prof. Sandeep Marwah announced on this occasion that Asian Academy of Film & Television will soon be granted the status of a deemed university. Addressing the students‚ the producer – director of the popular television serial ‘Sab Golmal Hai’ Prasun Sinha said that television production is indeed a very demanding and challenging work. It calls for cooperation‚ coordination and disciplined working beside the technical competence on the part of the cast and the crew. Speaking on this occasion‚ the veteran journalist Dr. Aziz Burney said that mass media can help build a happy‚ balanced and sane society. Reciting one of her poems‚ the well known poetess and social worker Usha Sharma advised the students never to lose heart and try their best to achieve success. She was of the view that systematic training and guidance are always helpful in nurturing the talent.


The hon’ble former President of India Shri K R Narayanan said that beside entertaining the masses‚ films should also be used as a vehicle for propagating the Indian cultural heritage and traditions across the globe. A brilliant student‚ Shri K R Narayanan had been a journalist‚ teacher‚ diplomat‚ elected member of Lok Sabha‚ union minister‚ vice president of India before becoming the President of the Indian Union. A prolific writer and connoisseur of fine arts and music‚ Shri K R Narayanan is also currently patron of numerous social‚ cultural and sports organisations.
Sandeep Marwah & K R Narayanan
He was talking to Director of Asian Academy of Film & TV‚ Prof. Sandeep Marwah who is also currently co-chairman of Entertainment Committee of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the screening of Rajiv Anchal’s feature film Beyond the Soul produced by him in the US and India. AAFT and PHDCCI had jointly organised a speical show of this film for a select group of invitees and members of the national press at Delhi’s Films Division Auditorium. The hon’ble former president of India Shri K.R. Narayanan also agreed to be patron of Asian Academy of Film & Television.


The shooting work of the feature film RUN is nearing completion. The last few scenes of this feature film being produced by the great showman of Indian film industry Boney Kapoor for Sridevi Productions‚ are currently being filmed courtesy Marwah Studios‚ in the national capital region. Boney Kapoor and the co-producer of this feature film Sandeep Marwah were personally present at the Noida Film City based Marwah Studios Complex last Sunday to buck up the renowned film director and cinematographer Jeeva. These scenes
Sandeep Marwah & Abhishek Bachan
featuring Abhishek Bachchan‚ industry’s new find Bhoomika and talented actors Mahesh Manjrekar and Goga Kapoor have indeed placed Noida into the history of Indian films. After giving brilliant and memorble performance in the recent box office hit ‘TERE NAAM’‚ Bhoomika appeared to be perfectly at ease and bubbling with self confidence while facing the camera. On this occasion Sandeep Marwah assured the members of the press and the large number of fans of the film stars that he is making all possible efforts to persuade the filmmakers to make use of the infrastructure at the Noida Film City to do their work. The Muhurat of the feature film RUN was performed last march at Marwah Studios in the presence of Member of Parliament Amar Singh‚ noted industrialist Subbarami Reddy and the producer of the feature film Boney Kapoor.


Paying rich tributes to the Indian armed former Minister said that Indian soldiers are indeed the bravest in the world. Commenting on the national affairs he lamented that due to faulty policies taken by the government under external pressure and interior motives, the great Indian nation is now at the brink of disaster. He strongly advocated that conditions should be created in which every citizen of India may feel safe and secure and be able to lead a respectable life. He was confident that India will become strong, prosperous and truly a great nation of the world. He urged the youths to come forward to fulfil this dream.


Alok Nath whose memorable roles in films like Taal, Hum Apke Hain Kaun and television serials like Buniyad, Janzeeren, Deevar and said that like in the other walks of life, dedication and hardwork are the key to success in the field of performing arts. He disclosed that he intends to continue to act until the artiste within him is alive. He mentioned that his role in Buniyad was his best performance to date Alok Nath promised to visit the academy from time to lend support to the training of actors