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The International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) proudly joins the global community in celebrating Freedom Day of South Africa on April 27th. On behalf of the media and entertainment industry and the entire fraternity of art and culture, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the people of South Africa.

Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, took the occasion to express his deep admiration for the remarkable achievements of South Africa since gaining its hard-won freedom from apartheid. He praised the unwavering spirit of South Africans in their pursuit of democracy, justice, and equality, which serves as an inspiration to people across the world.

South Africa is a land of diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, and the nation’s creative industry plays a vital role in showcasing this rich heritage to the world. ICMEI recognizes the importance of cultural exchange and collaboration between nations, and we stand ready to work with South Africa to further strengthen the bonds between our peoples.

Once again, we congratulate the people of South Africa on this momentous day, and we wish them continued success and prosperity in their journey towards a brighter and more equitable future. The event was supported by Indo South Africa Film and Cultural Forum.

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