Music Workshop by Dhingra Brothers at AAFT School of Performing Arts

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Noida: AAFT School of Performing Arts recently hosted a Music Workshop by the renowned Dhingra Brothers. The workshop was a delightful experience for all music enthusiasts and students of the school.

Sandeep Marwah, the founder of AAFT School of Performing Arts, addressed the gathering and spoke about the significance of music in our lives. He highlighted the importance of music as a universal language that brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

During the workshop, the Dhingra Brothers performed some of their popular songs, leaving the audience mesmerized with their soulful melodies and unique style. The performance showcased the brothers’ exceptional talent and passion for music.

The workshop was an enriching experience for the attendees, who gained valuable insights into the world of music from the Dhingra Brothers. The event was a testament to AAFT School of Performing Arts’ commitment to providing a platform for aspiring musicians and performers to showcase their talents and learn from industry experts.

Overall, the Music Workshop by Dhingra Brothers was a grand success, and it left the audience with a renewed appreciation for the power of music to connect people and bring joy to our lives. Later Sandeep Marwah honoured and presented Life Membership of International Film and Television Club of  AAFT to Dhingra Brothers.

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