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New Delhi: The President of AAFT School of Fashion and Design Dr. Sandeep Marwah, a fashion conscious himself, inaugurated the new collection of Blackberry showroom of Men’s Wear at Connaught Place New Delhi.

“Speaking on the occasion Dr. Marwah said that only those designers can do well who have creative and artistic skills, an understanding of different fabrics and clothes making and deep interest in fashion and fashion trends,” he was inaugurating the showroom in the presence of large number of designers and fashion lovers.

The fashion designer is the key person responsible for bringing stylish clothing. Although the style is based on region, culture, religion, and individual choices. But there are many things, a fashion designer can offer by using their creative mind To become a successful fashion designer, you will be required special qualifications.,” added Sandeep Marwah congratulating Abhishek Tiwari for the new venture.

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