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Noida: The second day of the 8th Global Literary Festival, Noida 2022 began with a seminar on “The Future & Prospects of Digital Reading”. Addressing the gathering, Festival President, Dr. Sandeep Marwah said that the journey of Global Literary Festival Noida has been incredible, bringing so many renowned authors, poets, publishers under one roof to inspire and motivate the budding writers. Sharing the idea behind the festival, he stated that it was initiated with only one objective and that is “Entertainment with Growth.”

Writer Mr. Varun Wadhwa said that one should have a motive behind writing as his aim was to be remembered by the people through his books.  He laid stress on the fact that “nobody else can inspire us but our own self, so it necessary to have faith in your own wings”.

Writer Mr. Nitish Bhushan discussed  different eras of transferring knowledge, “Shruti and Smriti which means listening and remembering, Lekhan & Pathan which means writing reading and discussed evolution of the printing press.

During the session, Author Dr. Shalini Narayanan inspired the audience stating that“writing requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Writing a book must be considered as  contribution to Society.  In this age of digital era,  it has become  important to write short stories as the audience is short of time and always in a hurry to grasp maximum information in minimum time.”

Commander V K Jaitely, Former president of IIT Kharagpur and author of the book “We Can, We Can”, conveyed that both e-books and physical books are a medium of sharing knowledge and views. His endless love for books compelled him to come up with the idea of opening a free library in his society.

Executive Director of AAFT, Dr. Ajay Kumar proposed the vote of thanks  The program was anchored by Assistant Professor of AAFT Syed Ziwaquar Ashar. The event was supported by AAFT University, Writers Association of India, Asian Academy of Arts, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry and World Peace Development and Research Foundation

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