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Noida: Marwah Studios, a leading creative enterprise that has been actively involved in the arts for the past 32 years, celebrated World Art Day with great enthusiasm. The event was marked by the presence of Sandeep Marwah, the founder of Marwah Studios, who delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of art and its role in shaping society.

In his speech, Marwah spoke about the need to promote and preserve different forms of art and culture, and encouraged artists to continue to innovate and push boundaries in their work. He also stressed the need for greater collaboration between artists, cultural institutions, and the public to create a more vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah thanked all the faculties involved in teaching arts and the members of management who are promoting arts through different organizations like International Film and Television Club, International Film and Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum, International Women’s Film Forum, International Children’s Film Forum, Asian Academy of Arts and others.

The celebration of World Art Day at Marwah Studios demonstrated the organization’s commitment to promoting and supporting the arts, and its belief in the transformative power of art in creating a more connected, tolerant, and inclusive society.

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